Rental Sites, Which Work Best?

In the late 1990’s choosing a site to advertise rental property was simple, there were only a few around. I even resorted to making a web site to showcase a property and received a fair amount of inquiries for my labor. Today there are too many property rental sites to list, so how can you choose the right ones? To me its a matter of which sites are trending or popular. Renters searching for rental properties tend to gravitate to sites that are well marketed or known great resources for finding a rental property. The key is to pick 4 or 5 sites and keep up with the listing for the property.

At present I have a listing on Trulia, Craigs list, and Zillow. I find that I get a different caliber of leads from each site. I prefer a lead that is more than just a phone number and a notice that ‘this renter was interested in your apartment, please contact at….’. The referrals that typically pan out leave a bit of information about themselves or what they are looking for.

If I notice I am getting repeated inquiries from a site that are not what I am looking for in a renter, I simply drop that service. On that note it pays to be as specific as you can in what you are looking for. If you don’t allow pets be sure to not only uncheck the ‘pet friendly’ check box but also state this in the property description and trust me you will still get a few ‘are you sure you will not accept a renter with a very well-behaved dog’. I don’t believe there is a top site to list a rental property, rather choose a few sites that you can keep up with and don’t drive yourself crazy by posting to as many as possible.

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