Renter Interview Keep Them Talking

Your rental unit is listing on several sites and your getting emails and calls. The trick to finding a good fit is to keep them talking. I do not show a rental unit without having had a 15-30 minute conversation with an interested party. This conversation not only saves time buy insuring a prospect is a good fit for the rental unit, you can also gauge their overall rental habits.

I start the conversation with the basics, property layout, first/last/security, pet policy, parking and all of that. At a certain point I simply say ‘so what is your current situation’ and let the conversation go from there. I generally learn a bit from the reply and by the end of the conversation  have a good feel for how the candidate would fit into renting the unit. You may need to steer the conversation a little to get things moving but let them do the talking and I can guaranty you will get more information then the typical question/answer type of interview.

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