Summer Time To Do List

The kids are out of school and enjoying their time off. You squeeze in a mini vacation at the coast. In no time at all its mid-summer and you realize there are projects that you held off till warmer weather arrived (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). There have been a few years that I let summer slip by, without accomplishing some much needed tasks on my rental properties. If you own a home you know the drill, but if you have several investment properties the list of projects can be quite extensive. Letting the projects slip from year to year is a recipe for property neglect and you will find yourself either taking a whole summer to catch up or having to hire helpers to complete an impossible amount of projects. I force myself to start thinking about these projects around April and typically have a plan of attack in place, (the to do list) before the official summer kick off.

This year I started early by doing some major yard work before Memorial Day on one property and some light landscaping on my place in VT. Two things come to mind as I am toiling away on the early projects, One, I am out of shape and Two, I am getting older 🙂 Once I get into the summer groove of ticking off project items I begin to feel less grumpy and it is certainly gratifying to complete these tasks. I am lucky to have the general skills to accomplish almost any maintenance projects on my properties, if I didn’t posses these skills I would pay an arm and a leg to get the projects accomplished.

A certain amount of priority organization should come into play as you plan your summer projects. Doing the above mentioned yard work in 90+ degree weather is poor planning. I typically can’t carry out every item on my list, so I go for the critical tasks first and leave the minor projects for last. My intention in writing this article is not to scare off would be investors, by suggesting your summers will be completely taken over by these projects. I simply suggest that acknowledging the projects existence and managing them will insure that things don’t get out of hand a few years down the road!

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